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What Makes a Compelling Brand?

With everyone starting a business in the era of e-commerce—how does one make their business stand out?

Today’s video will be focusing on how you can make your brand compelling and stand out from the crowd. Whether you sell a specific product or service, being able to stand out from competitors is a key component of your branding. This week, join us as we chat about the elements that make a unique and compelling brand!


1. Market positioning

Recognize what your business is, who it’s for, and why you stand out. Understanding where there is a demand and framing your product or service accordingly should be your first steps. Once you understand where your business stands, the branding and visual identity can be built around that.


2. Your brand’s “world”

Building a world through sound, colour, texture, and other elements can help your audience recognize your business at a moment’s glance. You can think of your brand as your company’s “personality” and should present itself as one of a kind.


3. Address hesitations

Know where your customers may have hesitation about participating in your brand. Whether it’s price, time, or any other barriers, address those elements of your product or service and provide reasoning to your customers as to why your brand is worth it!


4. Have purpose and represent a lifestyle

Be able to share how your brand will change your client’s lifestyle and shape the world around them. Align your brand with a lifestyle that your company would help a client achieve through its products and services. Different lifestyle types you could target range from sustainability, health, urban living, minimalism, and more!


5. Consistency

Ensure the content and branding that you produce feels consistent with your initially established brand. Build trust with your customers through the visual experience and have branding that remains consistent over time. Alternatively, different types of content ranging from emails to video ads and everything in between should feel like it’s coming from the same visual style.


Thanks for joining us for another week of tips, tricks, and lessons in branding and building a successful brand. We come up with new videos and blog content weekly so make sure to keep an eye out on our Instagram and YouTube to find out our next topic!


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