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How to Maximize Your Digital Presence for the Holidays

It’s the same story every year: Halloween ends, the holiday decorations come out, and you start receiving marketing emails complete with gift guides and discount codes. It can be difficult for a store to get noticed amidst all the festivities and excitement. So, how do you plan on standing out this season? Here are some tips and examples on how to gear up for holiday marketing.

Holiday-Themed Products

Those who love getting into the holiday spirit love holiday-centric products and services. Think Starbucks’ holiday cups and drinks, advent calendars (chocolates and wines and cheese, oh my!), and companies like IKEA or The Cross (in Yaletown) that kill the décor game with endless beautiful selections. Featuring these items across your social media channels and website will help to drive traffic and sales, not to mention all the cheer you’ll spread.

image sources: The Cross and IKEA

Package design

People are attracted to pretty things – we’re definitely suckers for unique packaging. Having a beautifully packaged product, especially in the age of Instagram, has the potential to bring attention to your brand from untapped markets. Pretty things are worth pretty pennies.

image sources: Behance and Starbucks

Giveaways and Collaborations

Something that people can always get on board with is the possibility of getting free stuff or winning a contest. Partnering with another local brand, artist, or influencer that you admire or whose values align with yours is beneficial to all parties involved. It facilitates community, growth, and creativity. You can’t really go wrong with a properly executed collaboration because you can build long lasting relationships with your customers and brands around you. It also makes it appealing for others to approach your company with new ideas.

Running digital marketing campaigns is a surefire way to capture your audience’s attention on social media. Thinking about changing up your package design or running some marketing campaigns? Let’s grab an eggnog latte ?

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