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BaseLayer Has Launched!

Our client Baselayer has officially launched!

Our client Baselayer has officially launched! Take a look at their NEW website below! We’re so happy with how this project turned out and couldn’t be more excited! 

“Throughout my life, I have felt the pressure of needing a larger bust. Coming from a background in bikini fitness competition, where a balanced hourglass shape is important for better grading, coaches often pushed competitors to get breast implants. Thankfully, my coach came from a holistic background and discouraged me to do so. This is one of the many times in my life that I have felt pressured to change my chest size. BaseLayer is my way of challenging the status quo. I am committed to creating a product and brand that up-lifts literally and figuratively, each member of the itty bitty titty committee.”

So proud of Founder Cathy Wong and her launch of BaseLayer that we have been working with her on for more than a year!

Her line of super soft, versatile bras are a comfortable alternative to push up or underwire bras. Made for the smaller-chested women, in an industry where bigger is better, BaseLayer believes that what we’ve got is more than enough.

This video is a BTS view of BaseLayer’s brand launch photoshoot.

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