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Embrace Your Base


Comfort without compromise. BaseLayer was born out of the pandemic, when founder, Cathy Wong, lived in sports bras and ditched traditional underwire bras. Throughout that time, she realized that there was a gap in the market for comfortable, versatile bras that were also tailored for smaller chests, and BaseLayer was born. BaseLayer is an extremely comfortable line of bras that flatters using optional push up pads and provides some much-needed versatility.


BaseLayer is Cathy’s first venture, and she needed a marketing team to help her navigate and execute on her launch and marketing strategies. 

Traditionally the women’s underwear market is saturated with barbie-like models and pressures to fit into something that doesn’t work for most women. BaseLayer needed to set itself apart from the rest of the typical feminine, girl-power type brands, and communicate its unique market offering.


The BaseLayer brand is inspired by embracing all of yourself–your layers of complexity, individuality, and personality. The duality of soft and strong is communicated not only through the wordmark, but also through stark blacks and whites with pops of colour; comforting, fluid shapes juxtaposed with bold visual typography; and the feminine form but with a rebellious voice. A photoshoot was executed to highlight the versatility of the product, as well as a detailed e-Commerce web experience to communicate the product benefits and values.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Marketing Collateral
E-Commerce Website Design
Product & Lifestyle Photography

Branding & Identity

Bold and versatile, this font embodies BaseLayer’s unapologetic personality. With it’s many widths and weights as a member of a mega font family, it’s great for both large headers and small body copy.

GT Super is a sophisticated serif font that is both soft with its delicate curves, and edgy with its angular strokes. It nicely compliments Sharp Grotesk and furthers BaseLayer’s strong and feminine brand.


BaseLayer’s primary logo is a combination of a strong extended sans-serif font with a fluid and modern serif font. The wordmark is anchored by two foundational lines to call to the flawless foundation or base that we all have, and the original serifs have been removed to feel less decorative and more clean.

Product & Lifestyle Photography
Behind the Scenes
Marketing collateral
Web Development & SEO
Website Design

BaseLayers website is built to highlight the product lines benefits and values through evocative fashion forward photography and a strong tone of voice. Each product page acts as a miniature landing page, letting the customer get a snapshot of not only the product but the brand as a whole. Because of the personal nature of the product and its lack of a physical retail space, we prioritized showing images of the apparel in various outfits and styles for inspiration, and included a custom fit guide page to ensure buyers can find their size and make a purchase decision with confidence.