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Manage Carbon Risk, the Easy Way


Audette came to us with an innovative and exciting SaaS platform and a dream to create a carbon-free world. Their platform was created to revolutionize carbon tracking for real estate portfolios and increase their value. As many startups do, they had DIY’d their marketing strategy and came to us to bring their platform to market.


Before Audette came into the picture, auditing your real estate was a very “guy with a clipboard” industry. Our job was to convey the innovation of Audette’s SaaS platform in an exciting and easy-to-understand way.

A primary challenge was to promote Audette’s value proposition of achieving carbon neutrality to their client’s demographic of real estate investors and portfolio managers. This goal just wasn’t in their top priority list. To overcome this, we strategized to find an angle that would appeal to their audience by highlighting the financial benefits of using Audette’s human-assisted technology long-term.


We worked with Audette to simplify their messaging and demystify carbon risk management. Rather than presenting the overused “save the Earth” approach, we presented Audette’s value as “future-proof your investment” to appeal to their target market of real estate investors and portfolio managers. This resulted in a surge of interest and a waitlist for investors to join their platform.

Their brand needed to reflect the disruptive nature of the software, so instead of using the typical “tech blue” we went for pink, teal, black and white for an instant memorable impression in the competitive SaaS market. Their website and pitch decks were built to convey their unique human-assisted automation approach and make signing up for their platform easy. Audette is now securing their second round of funding and has expanded their team and market share.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Marketing Collateral
Website Design

We had high expectations that were met with flying colours. The Pivot & Pilot team are professional, responsive, and took redirection very well, while keeping us on track. We pushed the limits with our colour palette and vibe, and the result is incredible. I would recommend this group to any of my colleagues.

– Matt Alfke, Director of Sales
Branding & Identity

Harmonia Sans is effortless and confident in its simplicity. It’s balanced and rounded letter shapes makes this font feel functional and friendly at the same time.

Nimbus Sans is a beautifully designed utilitarian font. Similar to Helvetica, this font gives a sense of confidence and reputability due to it’s perfectly balanced shapes.


Audette’s logo is made up of a modern, clean and approachable font along with an “io” emblem to portray both the human side of their service, as well as the easiness of their automated platform. A custom “tt” ligature was created for a completely unique wordmark. Their logo can be scaled down and up and remain legible and identifiable.

Marketing Collateral
Web Development & SEO
Website Design

Audette’s website has the primary goal of attaining client signups through conveying the value of their disruptive platform: automated carbon-emissions data and tracking presented under one organized dashboard, the ease of the onboarding process with a dedicated account manager, and the simple pricing structure. Rather than being met with a screenshot of the software, we went for a birds-eye image of buildings’ carbon risk being analyzed to convey the real-life value behind the platform. There are sleek elements such as animated carbon molecules dispersing  throughout the website that elevate the brand and keep it engaging and exciting.