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Attention Journal

Un-Productivity Over Perfection


As a member of the neurodivergent community, Thomas founded Distracted Designs to create tools for folks with ADHD. Throughout his life he had tried different methods and medications in the attempt to ‘fix a problem’. Unsurprisingly, nothing had any lasting effect on improving his life, but with a stack of paper and the goal of writing down one thing a day to focus on, Thomas realized that sticking to this simple and guilt-free system was the solution to his procrastination problems. The Attention Journal is a journal tailored to accompany the neurodivergent mind.


Thomas had a prototype of his journal and lots of great feedback from his community for version 2.0, but no concise branding or market positioning to help him take his product to the next level. His goal was to have a solid brand, a new journal design, and a comprehensive Kickstarter campaign page in order to secure backers for launch.


We worked with Thomas to better understand the neurodivergent community’s wants and needs and created a welcoming brand for the Attention Journal complete with mascot, Ted. To add even more value to the journal itself, we designed colourful inserts throughout the journal that centred around a topic and included ADHD tips, tricks, and exercises. We also designed a complete Kickstarter campaign page that highlighted Thomas’ story, the Attention Journal’s unique design, customer testimonials and pledge tiers. Within a week of launch, Attention Journal surpassed its initial pledge goal.

Project deliverables

Custom Logo & Branding
Packaging & Product Design
Marketing Collateral
Kickstarter Page Design

Branding & Identity

This friendly serif font is a great typeface for impact statements and headers, and provides a sense of comfort and relatability to match Attention Journal’s tone of voice.

Utilitarian and technical with a subtle humanistic vibe to the letter shapes, Univers’ simplicity makes for a great pair to Recoleta’s outgoing personality.


Attention Journal’s logo is made up of a friendly, rounded serif font along with hand-written scribbles to give the sense of “process” and humility. The individual letterforms have been tweaked with a custom “tt” ligature and widened “J” to match the “A”. An off centre, perfectly imperfect tagline finalizes the wordmark.

Packaging & Product Design
Kickstarter page
Kickstarter Page Design

Attention Journal’s Kickstarter page has the primary goal of attracting and securing backers through highlighting the value of the planner, it’s unique features, and ADHD-focused positioning. Through a comprehensive campaign video and subsequent page, the journal specs and construction, the dedicated space to focus on one thing a day, the absence of dated pages, and the perforation for added freedom is on clear display for the user. An introduction to Ted, and his many states, is also featured, plus testimonials, tier options and the campaign timeline.



positive testimonials

178 backers pledged


In 32 days


Over 3X

initial funding goal